The first annual meeting of the ICT Association

Representatives from the Information and Communication Technologies Association (ICTA) convened a meeting on March 4th. This forum brought together government officials, ICTA members, and industry leaders to explore the current state and promising future of Georgia’s tech landscape. Panel discussions offered valuable insights, followed by an interactive Q&A session where attendees gained further understanding from the experts. This collaborative forum underscores the ICTA’s dedication to fostering a thriving tech ecosystem within Georgia

The Information and Communication Association (ICTA) possesses an ambitious and inspiring vision for Georgia’s tech sector. They aim to transform the country into a true technology hub, cultivating an environment that thrives on innovation and collaboration. By fostering connections between a diverse community of tech professionals, startups, and established companies, the ICTA seeks to unlock Georgia’s full potential as a major player in the digital age.

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ICT Association, together with IT industry representatives, visited Kutaisi International University
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A memorandum of understanding was signed between Kutaisi International University and the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies of Georgia