ICT Association of Georgia Hosts Quarterly Meeting

The Quarterly Meeting of the ICT Association of Georgia recently convened with a successful outcome, serving as a platform for representatives from major technology companies and key government agencies to assess quarterly activities and deliberate on future plans.

Avtandil Kasradze, Chairman of the Georgian Innovation and Technology Agency (GITA), Tornike Zirakishvili, Deputy Director of “Enterprise Georgia”, and Tamuna Koriauli from the Tourism Administration were present. They provided important updates on the upcoming reforms within their respective agencies.

Galt & Taggart delivered an informative presentation on the findings of their Tech sector research, offering an intricate analysis of the IT sector’s performance in 2023.

Member of the board, Natia Sirbiladze, announced the association’s plan to introduce an educational platform featuring training resources and courses from member companies.

Furthermore, “Enterprise Georgia” presented a new program tailored to support IT companies through state funding and facilitate their participation in international events. This initiative is designed to aid Georgian IT companies in expanding their client base while remaining attuned to global trends.

Avtandil Kasradze discussed the rapid growth of Georgia’s IT sector and outlined the agency’s new strategies under GITA 2.0. The plans include augmenting investments in research and development, fostering innovation, and enacting new legislation to lend support to startups and SMEs through tax reliefs and incentives for research activities.

The ICT Association of Georgia is resolutely committed to fostering a collaborative environment for its members and propelling the nation’s technological advancements forward.

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